Seven Dimensions of a Healthy Climate

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There is growing awareness that a healthy workplace includes a healthy social climate. One where employees and managers work together to intentionally create opportunities for healthy interaction. We believe that a healthy climate is a "nexus" point for a variety of good things to happen: 
  • Productivity and financial return depends upon healthy climate and culture
  • Wellness programs are more effective when the climate supports them
  • Managers are more effective when they attend to the social environment as well as the bottom-line
  • Organizational development efforts require some focus on a positive climate
  • The local work group climate is where work culture becomes most real to workers

7 Diminsions

Download the Flier[/caption] For the past ten years, we have been assessing and delivering programs that focus on one or more of seven key dimensions of the work climate. These programs include:

  • Team Awareness: a class-room training that has been delivered to over 30,000 workers. Team Awareness has 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour training modules. We are conducting a new training-of-trainers this May.
  • TeamUpNow: this is our online social game version of Team Awareness.
  • LeadWell, LiveWell: this is our online program that trains managers on the principles of heart-centered leadership.
  • Health & Productivity Climate Index™: this is a psychometric measure of the seven dimensions (we have our standard 53-item measure and short versions as well).
To learn more about the seven dimensions, please download this flyer.

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