Resilience Facilitator Training (Certification)

(image of Dr. Bennett facilitating another fun and impactful training)

Resilience-to-Thriving Facilitator Training

This single training module (60-to-120 minutes in length) has reached close to 200,000 employees through the efforts of OWLS and over 300 facilitators who have taken the training over the past 10 years.

In previous versions, this program was called "Stress, Problem Solving, and You" and also "Raw Coping Power." And, it continues to evolve.

If you are interested in becoming certified as a facilitator, here are (1) the main things you need to know, and (2) how to sign up!


1) You have four options for going through the basic training as a facilitator.

OPTION 1-Just For You. Contact us directly to explore setting up a training for you and your team of trainers. We require a minimum of eight facilitators. The advantage of this training is that we can schedule according to your needs and also customize to support any grant or initiative. 

OPTION 2-National Wellness. Since 2018, OWLS has partnered with National Wellness Institute who offers the training several times a year. The advantage of this training is that you get to meet other practitioners often form diverse fields in prevention, human resources, social work, healthcare, and wellness.

OPTION 3-Periodic Opportunities. Stay on the look out for periodic trainings that we offer in conjunction with other entities. The best way to do that is to sign up for our newsletter.

OPTION 4-Partnerships & Memberships. From time to time an association, local, or regional group collaborates with us to offer training certification as a special offer to their members.


2) Be prepared for a two session training format spaced one week apart

Session 1 is 2.5 hours and is designed to give you first-hand, immersive, and personal orientation to the material. Our goal for all facilitators is to help them embody the logic and purpose of the training within their own experience and personal resilience story.

Session 2 is 2 to 2.5 hours and completes the training and then reviews all the logistics associated with delivery. This includes slides, facilitator notes, principles of facilitation, handouts, worksheets, options for customization, training fidelity, session ratings, and how to get certified.

3) Know the difference between getting a training certificate and becoming certified

Attendance at both sessions is required to get a certificate. In some cases, participants also complete a quiz as required for CE credits. Following the certificate, graduates can also get certified by meeting minimum requirements of showing evidence that they provided the training effectively. Providing pre-and-post session ratings for a minimum of eight individuals in one setting is required.

4) Start right now by purchasing our book "Raw Coping Power" and consider getting copies for your team

Here is a link to purchase from us or from Amazon. You can receive discounts with bulk purchases from OWLS. Just contact us and we will send you a price sheet for bulk orders.