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OWLS and SAFE Project Announce Positive Results of Evidence-Based Veteran Wellness and Resilience Pilot Program.

The Veteran Wellness and Resilience pilot delivered improvements in 6 areas, including learning key personal strengths, building resilience, and goal-setting.

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Podcasts, Interviews, & Appearances:

  • The Role of Peer Support in Human-Centered Care
On March 18th, 2024, Dr. Bennett went on Workplace Options' podcast and discussed with Christy McGuire, VP of Business Solutions at Workplace Options, on the role of peer support in human-centered care. This episode was the first in their new series "Putting the Human Back" that aims to discuss the rise of problematic issues in the workplace and everyday life due to the rise in digitization and automation. Listen Here:
  • Conversations with Dr. Joel Bennett
On March 4th, 2024 Dr. Bennett conversed with Andrew Rosenstock in his podcast, Touching Into Presence. In the podcast topics like different body therapeutic modalities, the nature of Andrew's practice, the importance of presence and mindfulness, the concept of safety in bodywork and massage, personal growth and self-awareness, and the concept of open-mindedness we discussed in depth. Listen Here:
  • Your Best Self at Work- Mindful Social
On June 30, 2021, Dr. Joel Bennett and Dr. Benjamin Dilla went on to Janet Founts podcast Mindful Social. During this discussion, Dr. Joel Bennett and Dr. Benjamin Dilla were explaining how emotional intelligence and resilience is needed with in the work place, and how you can further your career and be happier. 
  • RoundTable: Thriving- Informed Coaching
Dr. Bennett was invited by International Association of Professional Recovery Coaching to be apart of a discussion with other coaches about what recovery means to them and how we can included the thriving-informed model alongside trauma-informed models. (June 3, 2021) Listen Here: Thriving-Informed Coaching and use the password THRIVE
  • Resilience Coaching: An Evidence-Informed Model
Dr. Bennett and Dr. Michael Arloski cover a theoretical model of stress transformation and its practical application for coaching. You will learn the importance of ones own resilience story, levels of the stress response, and job crafting! (May 5,2021) Listen Here: Resilience Coaching

  • Resilience Coaching: A New Method with Dr. Joel Bennett and Dr. Michael Arloski
This seminar on Resilience Coaching focuses on a new method of using resilience to allow you to continue building efficient strategies to continue your search for meaningfulness. Dr. Joel Bennett describes this class as using past research leading to the creation of a new training. (July 24, 2020) Listen Here: Resilience Coaching
  • Redefining Resilience: A Multi-level Perspective on Multi-level Resilience.

Three experts provide a multi-level perspective on “multi-level resilience,” a “takes a village” model developed in response to 9/11: Clemson Psychology Professor Dr. Thomas Britt on the science, OWLS CEO Dr. Joel Bennett on the programming, and Anthem BCBS Health Promotion Manager Stephany Sherry on outcomes.  (October 29, 2020)  Listen Here: WorldAtWork's Work in Progress

  • Handling Stress and Cultivating Resilience with Dr. Joel Bennett and Dr. John Gaal.

Dr. Joel Bennett’s stress management and resilience programs have reached over 250,000 workers across the US and abroad. He brings on his guest speaker Dr. John Gaal, who used to focus on organizational leadership. But, after losing his son to suicide, he has made it his mission to stop the stigma associated with mental illness, addiction, and suicide.   (August 5, 2020)  Listen Here: Rebound Talks

  • WELCOA* Cast: Episode 17 – Joel Bennett, PhD

As the special guest on this episode of the WELCOA* Cast, Dr. Joel Bennett offers his thoughts on each of WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks with Ryan Picarella.  (October 11, 2020)  Listen Here: WELCOA* Cast

  • Mari Ryan Interviews Dr. Bennett on Workplace Opioid Crisis
In this Expert Interview, Advancing Wellness CEO Mari Ryan explores the topic of the opioid crisis with Dr. Joel Bennett (January 22, 2020) who also discusses Mari's wonderful book: The Thriving Hive. Watch the interview here Advancing Wellness. 
  • Healing from Within with Dr. Joel Bennett

    Rabbi Rami talks to author Joel Bennet about the current opioid crisis, healing from within, and finding a new relationship with our pain. An article appears in the May/June issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.  (July 15, 2018)  Listen Here: Spirituality & Health

    • Wisdom vs Knowledge with Dr. Joel Bennett

    In this episode of the Redefining Wellness Podcast, Jen interviews Dr. Joel Bennett. Joel and Jen take a in-depth look at what it means to approach wellness from a place of wisdom, as opposed to knowledge.  They define the terms, discuss the current trends of workplace wellness today, and explain why wholeness is synonymous with wellness.  (August 16, 2017)  Listen Here: The Redesigning Wellness Podcast

    • NWI Podcast #22 – Joel Bennett, PhD: New Train the Trainer Certificate Courses

    Dr. Joel Bennett discusses what "Train the Trainer" certificate courses are and who will most benefit by taking them. He also discusses the "Resilience & Thriving: The Secret Power of Stress" course from this new series. (May 6, 2018)  Listen Here: NWI Podcast - 3/6/2019 (Part 1) & NWI Podcast - 3/6/2018 (Part 2)

    • NWI Podcast #2 - Dr. Joel Bennett on becoming a Wellness Champion

    Dr. Joel Bennett, founder of Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems and NWI Board Member joins the podcast to talk about becoming a Wellness Champion - a person who helps and inspires others to grow toward their full potential.  (June 20, 2016)  Listen Here: NWI Podcast - 6/20/2016

    • B.E.P. #13: Dr. Joel Bennett- A man of resilience and peace which equal better well-being

    In this episode of the Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast, Dr. Bennett talks about his upbringing and how it shaped him and his passion for focusing on human resilience. He also talks about the process he uses when he works with clients and the evolution he has gone on when it comes to his practice.  (June 1, 2015)  Listen Here: Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast


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    OWLS CEO to Moderate Panel on Implementing a Culture of Organizational Resilience at HERO FORUM20

    OWLS CEO to moderate panel at HERO FORUM20. Representatives from four companies to discuss how they leveraged evidence-based well-being and resiliency training from OWLS to create positive workplaces in today’s challenging business environment.

    OWLS (Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems), a science-based consulting and training service in the area of Integral Organizational Wellness™, today announced that CEO and founder Dr. Joel Bennett will moderate a panel at HEROForum20. The virtual conference is hosted by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), which brings together health and well-being professionals to network, share knowledge, and learn from top experts in the industry.

    The panel is titled "Evidence-Based Culture of Health & Leadership: Four Implementations for Connectedness," and will be held on September 24 at 11:10 CT ( Each of the panelists' organizations have utilized OWLS evidence--based methodology and consultation to help build one or more aspects of a "culture of resilience" strategy. Each will describe their own leadership journey and the importance of social connection as part of a resilience strategy. The panelists represent diverse backgrounds and industries and will include:

    • Paul Courtois, MBA, MSW, Site Leader (Portland, Oregon), Owens Corning
    • Ruth Gassman, PhD, Executive Director of Prevention Insights and Senior Scientist, Indiana University, School of Public Health
    • Rachel Kopke, PhD, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Early Childhood, Monroe County Intermediate School District
    • Brittany Linde, PhD, Wellness Manager, Andrews Distributing Company
    • Shannon Thorsell, Director, Human Resources Business Partner, StayWell

    "Instilling and reinforcing a culture of resilience is critical in a challenging work environment that affects people at all levels of the organization – executives who are trying to find the best way to manage and motivate their remote workforces, and anxious employees who are trying to navigate a host of difficult work/life issues,” said Dr. Joel Bennett. “Compounding the stress caused by the pandemic is our society’s increasing polarization. Negativity has become sort of a ‘pre-existing’ condition that can adversely affect one’s health. Our panel discussion will spotlight what organizations can do – indeed, have done – to rise above the negativity and stressors and create positive outcomes through training and consultation.”

    The focus of HEROForum20, scheduled to begin with a keynote address September 8 and continue with online sessions throughout the remainder of the month, is “A 20/20 Vision for Collective Well-being: How Group Dynamics and Social Connectedness Shape Individual Choices…and What Viral and Racial Pandemics Teach Us about Being in it Together.”

    “Now, more than ever, our country needs insights into the impact of group dynamics and social connectedness, as we collectively navigate viral and racial pandemics,” said Karen Moseley, president of HERO. “This year’s Forum will delve into how groups, organizations, and our social spheres shape our destiny as individuals and communities. Those lessons take on added meaning in an environment where the COVID-19 pandemic and issues of racial equality are at the top of everyone’s mind.”


    For more information or to register for the HERO Forum, visit or call HERO at 952-835-4257.


    About OWLS

    OWLS’ purpose is to help businesses understand, improve, and maintain the positive feedback system between worker health and total organizational health. Their work is based on scientific research and is customized to meet each business’s unique set of needs, risks, and current level of wellness. OWLS uses a variety of tools to help, including employee surveys, culture audits, workshops, coaching at all levels (worker to executive), team retreats, design of assessment or performance appraisal systems, and policy development. OWLS’ previous clients include organizations in federal and local governments, military, hospitality/hotel, healthcare, construction, police and 9-1-1, professional organizations, and higher education. For more, visit


    About HERO

    Based in Waconia, MN, HERO (the Health Enhancement Research Organization) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation that was established in 1997. HERO is dedicated to identifying and sharing best practices that improve the health and well-being of employees, their families, and communities. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter @heroehm, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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