Healthy Culture

One way to learn about our integral approach to healthy work cultures is to download and read our published 2018 article in Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research.

We recognize that healthy work cultures requires an integrated effort. Fortunately, science has developed significantly in the past 30 years in three areas: Organizational Development, Behavioral Health, and Personal Wellness.

Further, the positive effects of these three areas can reinforce each other to result in improved well-being, productivity, and reduced disease. What is needed is a way to integrate and align them. And that is what we help you to do.

Note: In the above diagram are our three "nexus" areas of Positive Work Behavior, Wholeness, and Resilience. We just love working in these areas. To dig down deeper, read our paper/blog, Resilience 3.0: Guidance Toward a Next Generation of Work-Centric Initiatives.