Healthy Leadership

We have a variety of resources to improve managerial health and leadership at the same time.

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Our founder, Dr. Joel Bennett, first began study of healthy leadership as part of his dissertation (PhD, Psychology, 1986). He developed and validated a measure that distinguished four traits that drive leadership behavior and health: the need for power, the need for influence, confidence in one's ability to influence, and resistance to subordination. How these 4 traits combine can help those in management positions to behave in healthy or unhealthy ways and even effect cardiovascular health.

Since 1985, he co-authored the book "Heart-Centered Leadership" with Susan Steinbrecher and they have both led dozens of workshops on virtue-based leadership.

OWLS also received funding from the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute to develop and train managers on a "lead well, live well" model (see patent), which was tested in a randomized clinical trial. Results showed reductions in cardiovascular risk, improvements in stress and well-being, and in transformational leadership.

Other resources (Sample):