Bring Your Thrive

Catalyzing Healthy Work Cultures from
the Inside-out with Science

Joel Bennett, PhD

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Mark Attridge, PhD

Health Intelligence/Senior Consultant

Mark Attridge (PhD) has worked with OWLS since 2005 as an adviser and consultant on various product development and client projects.

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​Cynthia Conigliaro, MSW, MBA


Cynthia has worked with OWLS as an adviser and consultant on various marketing related product development projects.

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David Steed, MBA

VP of Business Development

David Steed, MBA, is the VP of Business Development at OWLS. He leads biz dev efforts as the anchor of OWLS.

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Shawn Reynolds, PhD

Consulting Scientist

Shawn works across the projects at OWLS performing data analysis and formative program evaluation.

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Estefania Lopez, MS

Research Associate

Estefania has worked with OWLS since 2019 focusing on an organizational resilience project and assisting with client interviews.

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Shelby Pittman, MS

Project Manager (Intern)

Shelby has worked with OWLS since the summer of 2020, with a focus on marketing OWLS' brand through the use of engaging tools in an attempt to garner new clients.

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Cameron Keller

Summer Intern/Research Associate

Cameron has worked with OWLS since Summer of 2020, focusing on social media and website management, and otherwise assisting on client projects.

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