OWLS custom programs equip your people with tools to create a healthy work culture.

Healthy Employees Are The Best Employees

Our evidence-based programs address your team’s emotional and mental wellness.

Give Your Leaders
The Tools To Thrive

We set up your management team to lead well and live well.

Eliminate Stress
and Burnout

Our proven, science based programs address workplace productivity killers.


Many organizations struggle with disengaged, stressed or burned out employees. This results in a direct loss of revenue for the company through turnover, poor communication and loss of productivity. Imagine what could happen if a company truly treated their people as their most valuable asset by actively addressing the root causes of these effects!

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Employers face many challenges. COVID 19 and other stressors have made it even more difficult to understand and address these challenges. The costs of doing nothing are great and the benefits of taking action are even more significant.

OWLS proven programs work to reduce risks and increase employee engagement at the same time. We turn your challenges into growth opportunities. And these opportunities help you thrive.

OWLS well-being programs have also been continuously recognized as effective by independent research groups, including the US Surgeon General. They have been used by dozens of organizations in the US and abroad.

The OWLS Approach

We have solutions for every organization and business. OWLS has provided a range of organizational consulting and wellness design services since 1990 for a wide variety of clients. Our approach is based in a process-consulting philosophy, with the goal of empowering each client to own any innovation, insight, or program that emerges from the consultation. In this way, OWLS focuses more on helping to foster positive change that works for the client rather than suggest a particular or prefabricated solution.

Custom Programs

OWLS evidence-based programs target team resilience, healthy leadership, wellness champions, improved climate, and improved mental well-being. We love customizing these programs based around your organization's own specific needs.

Resilience Certifications

At OWLS, we value resilience as a landing pad for stress, and a launchpad for thriving. Over the past 20 years, OWLS has implemented resilience and healthy culture interventions in dozens of settings. We train leaders in resilience and offer various certifications throughout the year. Contact us for training options in building your resilience competency approach.

Coaching & Consultation

OWLS provides a range of organizational consulting and wellness design services with a goal of empowering each client to take ownership of the insights that emerge from the consultation. We often partner with clients and use a three-phased approach: Discovery, Design/Customize and Implementation.

Books and Toolkits

OWLS Founder and President Dr. Joel Bennett is a prolific writer and researcher of evidence-based wellness and e-learning technologies to promote organizational health and employee well-being. His books include Well-Being Champions: A Competency-Based Guidebook, Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving and Heart-Centered Leadership.

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Be proactive and get productive! Those who work with us experience authentic leadership development and employee well being that goes beyond any program. We help you carry through your talents into the culture and moving forward well into the future.

If you are reading this, you are seeking solutions for complex issues typical to workplaces but unique to yours. Stress, burnout, fatigue as well as poor leadership and communication are productivity killers that have a direct effect on your company’s bottom line. The world is not getting easier to navigate and the challenges employers face are ever increasing. Imagine the effects that risks due to public health, political, economic and social tensions will continue to have on the humans who make up your team. It is critical to have a strategic approach to addressing these concerns, especially one that aligns with your leadership goals. This can spell the difference between struggling through more changes that will keep coming or having a plan and culture to keep your organization’s competitive edge. OWLS programs and coaching open doors for your people to feel more valued and engaged in the workplace. When employees feel heard and listened to, this recognition goes a long way to creating safety, reducing stigma, and improving mental well-being.

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