Presence Quest Gallery

Immerse Yourself in the Presence Quest with Exclusive Art and Resources

Welcome to the Presence Quest Gallery, your one-stop shop for deepening your exploration from Dr. Joel Bennett's transformative book series. Here, you'll find a curated collection designed to enhance your experience and guide you on your journey to greater presence.

Unveil the Symbolism:

  • Mandala Posters: Adorn your space with stunning mandala art, a visual representation of wholeness and the interconnectedness of existence.

Deepen Your Understanding:

  • Non-Duality of Mental States Worksheets: Explore the nature of your mind with insightful worksheets featuring Dr. Bennett's "Non-Duality of Mental States" model.

Elevate Your Book Experience:

  • Complementary Worksheets: Dive even deeper into the concepts presented in the Presence Quest books with specially designed worksheets that will challenge and inspire you.

This exclusive collection offers a unique way to:

  • Visually connect with the core themes of Presence Quest.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key concepts through engaging worksheets.
  • Extend your learning journey beyond the pages of the book.

Embrace presence and embark on your personal transformation with the Presence Quest Gallery.

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