Evidence-Based Curriculum


Designing innovative solutions that fulfill client needs while fitting the science 

Since 1994, we have designed and studied programs through funding from the National Institutes of Health, the US Department of Health & Human Services, and other agencies. These studies, a synthesis of clinical trials, have resulted in curricula that has reached over 250,000 workers in the US and abroad. For research on these programs, checkout our publications page. By the way, all these programs work together as part of our integral model.

  • Team Awareness (TA). Initially developed at the Institute of Behavioral Research (Texas Christian University), this culture-of-health intervention has been shown to reduce substance abuse risk, stigma, and stress while improving help-seeking, supervisor responsiveness to stressed workers, and the work climate.
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    • Download the original independent scientific review here
    • See how we adapted Team Awareness for Team Readiness for the military here
  • Team Resilience (TR). Learn the Five Cs of Resilience: Centering, Confidence, Commitment, Community, and Compassion. A special adaptation for young workers (emerging adults) navigating the stress of entering the workforce.
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    • Download the original independent scientific review here
  • Resilience to Thriving. Since 2018, we have incorporated features of both Team Awareness and Team Resilience into a new training-of-trainer course, entitled "The Secret Power of Stress: From Resilience to Thriving." We offer this course on a regular basis through the National Wellness Institute and many agencies contact us to deliver the training independently. Over 300 professionals in wellness, prevention, human resources and EAPs have taken this training.
    • 'Choices' in Health Promotion/Small Business Wellness Initiative (SBWI). Customized to small businesses, employers can select from a menu of 2-to-4 hour programs on healthy lifestyle, stress management, spiritual health, time management, and family well-being.
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      • Download the original independent scientific review here
      • Well-Being Champion Training. We started by creating an online expert system (see patent) to help professionals (HR, EAP, Wellness)  assess risks in the work climate and then use evidence-based programs to address those risks. This evolved into programs for the military, large associations, peer training, and corporate champion initiatives.
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      • iLinkWell(TM)/Linking Wellness & Behavioral Health. This online program, gamification, and content-management system uses the logic of SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral). We build your own screening tools, provide customized resources, use behavioral change guidance, and generate reports.
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      • Empowered Health Consciousness (EHC). Originally developed as a primary prevention program to reduce prescription drug misuse in workers, EHC provides a broad set of skills for staying mindful in the face of stress, emotional triggers, and addictive tendencies.
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