Creating a Culture of Responsible Choices

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Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems worked with the National Guard Bureau providing strategic consulting, training-of-trainers, and evaluation in the development of their Prevention, Treatment & Outreach program. This was a very successful program and incorporated an adapted version of “Team Readiness” from our evidence-based Team Awareness program.

Please see how Team Readiness was incorporated into the registry at the Clearinghouse for Military and Family Readiness

This document reviews results of our program evaluation, showing improved culture, staff retention, and cost-savings. The video below shows more about the program with some helpful tips for anyone in the military or who has family in the military. While this program focused on prevention and substance abuse, the effects and applications to broader wellness and performance were clear and effective. Indeed, creating a culture of responsible choices is likely critical to any wellness program. Please contact us if you want a similar program for your organization.

Our champion training certification uses technology similar to that discussed in this program. PTO_image

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