Resilience Coach Certification

Read this blog to learn what Resilience-to-Thrive coaching is all about.


We have now trained six cohorts of coaches. Many who have trained with us have over 10 years of experience as coaches, healers, or therapists. Even with students with extensive coaching experience, pre and post results from the program were impressive as it was clear that our students have developed many new skills on account of our program. As with all OWLS programs, we always conduct assessments to keep learning and growing along with our students.

The table of results below show average ratings and agreement at the start of the program and then again 6 weeks later after the last training session.

This research showed us that while wellness coaches know a lot about tools for physical well-being, they can definitely benefit from tools specifically designed for stress and resilience. For example, look at the statement:

"I have the tools I need to help clients work through challenges and stressors"

The training appeared to have a major impact on coaches in this area. Before training, only 17% (of 29 participants) agreed with this statement. After training, this increased significantly to 76%.

Or check out this interview that goes into detail on our coaching model and the 2.5 minute brief introduction video below.