Quest for Presence Book Discount

Quest for Presence Book Discount

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Quest for Presence Collection:

The Connoisseur of Time: An Invitation to Presence

The Connoisseur of Time orients readers to the five-book Quest for Presence collection. This short book introduces a new vision of time as a source of well-being. Dr. Joel Bennett encourages us to embark on a new quest to re-imagine our relationship time as a meaningful endeavor for personal growth. Readers will find meaning through personal reflections, self-assessment exercises, and references to research and spiritual texts. The Quest for Presence collection is based on over 20 years of research and experience delivering workshops on this material. It follows from Dr. Bennett's books Time and Intimacy: A New Science of Personal Relationships (2000) and Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving (2014).

Quest for Presence Book 1: The Map and Radiant Forces

Learn to move from managing time to truly loving time. Any time... like NOW.

Imagine this journey starts out with a treasure map. Your life then unfolds. You get curious about the unfolding itself. You lay the map aside. At that moment you realize the need for “making it in life” is quite different from your ability to fully embrace your brief time here with all its treasures.

Quest for Presence (Book 1): The Map and Radiant Forces uses science, philosophy, poetry, personal memoir, and self-help exercises. Book 1 follows from the prequel and AMAZON BEST-SELLING "The Connoisseur of Time: An Invitation to Presence.“ Download the free e-book from

Quest for Presence Book 2: The Soulful Capacities

Welcome to Book 2 of the Quest for Presence Collection

We are brainwashed into clock time while deep time keeps dancing with our souls in the background. Using poetry, exercises, stories, personal memoirs, and research this book guides you to join the dance by cultivating four capacities—Acceptance, Presence, Flow, and Synchronicity.

Soulful Capacities follows The Map and Radiant Forces (Book 1) and The Connoisseur of Time. Each book stands alone to transform your experience of time as a source of well-being. The Soulful Capacities have broad application across many healing and spiritual arts; whether you are a beginner, seeker, practitioner, scholar—or even a connoisseur of time.

Quest for Presence Book 3: The Attractions 

Have you ever wondered what the word "destiny" really means?

Is it possible that "time" in its deepest and truest sense is just your attraction to fulfilling your destiny?

Quest for Presence Book 3The Attractions takes time weavers to the next level in their journey of deep time. All books in the Quest for Presence can be read independently. The Attractions offers a radical shift from traditional approaches to self-assessment. The Quest for Presence Inventory invites you to contemplate how personality and soul interact in ways that attract your destiny and witness how your whole life is genuinely unfolding right now. Complete with contemplation tools, poetry, the author's personal stories, case studies, a glossary, and indexed research notes.

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