Healthy Leadership: Opportunities for Research, Practice, and Research-to-Practice

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Healthy Leadership: Opportunities for Research, Practice, and Research-to-Practice.  Healthy leadership is a core construct within related fields of applied psychology, organizational development and workplace health promotion. Yet, there is a need to bring a more well-designed, research-to-practice, approach that facilitates partnership between researchers and practitioners. While several areas of research have emerged, they have not been integrated and there is a lack of cross-disciplinary dialogue and research on healthy leadership. This workshop is designed to help participants discuss the importance of healthy leadership in applied settings (e.g., Leadership Pipeline, Leadership Development), and identify potential new areas for innovative practices that are based on existing research and models that will be discussed in the workshop.

Half-Day Workshop, May 16, 2013, Los Angeles, CA (Co-presenting with Dr. James Campbell Quick)

Learn more: International Conference on Work, Stress and Health

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