Help Others Be Resilient. Choose Now!

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You can help others be resilient.  Chose how.

Facilitate     Lead     Coach     Consult

Need help deciding what approach is the best?  
Review the four statements below to help you decide.

  1. I want to facilitate or train others on how to be more resilient.  (This class starts next week)

    Take our next "Resilience and Thriving" course to become a certified facilitator and gain the skills needed to train others on resilience.

    Register Here

  2. I want to develop my own leadership skills.

    Learn how to use your strengths to move from merely coping to being resilient and on toward thriving. We can help you tap into this ability in more intentional and proactive ways for both personal and professional growth.

    Learn more and register for our next class May 12th!
    Join us for a free webinar orientation April 28th!

  3. I want to develop or enhance my wellness coaching skills to include resilience.

    Learn about and acquire skills and tools to assist individuals and organizations with enhancing their resilience and thriving capacity.

    Join us for our next class starting May 6th at 11am or 3pm (CST)!

    Watch this free orientation video to learn more.

  4. I want to provide my team with a chance to de-stress and develop their own resilience.

    Contact us to learn how OWLS can help your organization with its short and long term resilience goals.

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