McMindfulness & The Recovery of Spirit

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Mindfulness can be brought into the world of workplace relationships.

Before viewing some resources (see links below), consider these important reminders.

There was a time when all those teaching mindfulness did so out of generosity. There was no exchange of money other than that given out of donation for respect and for the sheer beauty of the teaching. There was a time when the teaching was inextricably tied with the teaching of compassion, equanimity, sympathetic joy, and loving kindness. Mindfulness was not about attention in the cognitive sense but a deep rendering of the heart. There was a time when mindfulness was not about stress reduction or disease prevention or any particular outcome. Rather, it was a path of surrender, of seeing deeply with joy, of moving into a space of enlightenment. There was a time when mindfulness was not associated with modern science in any of its reductionist sensibility. The special capacity for insight was about embracing and penetrating the whole, the context, the wonder unfolding--not about the brain or some underlying mechanism. There was a time when mindfulness was the substance of community. The path of fellowship -- of awakening intimacy -- provided the core sustenance for ongoing generosity, compassion, surrender, and wholeness. These are not nostalgic musings, on either/or thinking or separating "now" from "then." They are only reminders of a time beyond time in a world currently given to commodity and transaction. be mindful. pay attention to what you use. there are many precious things that cannot be bought. be mindful. witness.

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