Connoisseur of Time | 3-Session Workshop & Book Study

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Visit to download the book, purchase from amazon, and download worksheets/tools we will use in the course.


This Eventbrite is to register for the workshop series. If you wish to first attend the webinar, make sure you go to the corresponding event listing.

The 3 session workshop follows directly from and uses the exercises in "The Connoisseur of Time."


These simple statements mask a deeper spiritual reality when time becomes an old friend. We move beyond “be here now” to be here for the whole time of this precious life. Join Dr. Joel Bennett in this invitation to well-being. Find your happening self in the original mandala called life.

The Connoisseur of Time: An Invitation to Presence orients readers to the five-book Quest for Presence collection. This short book introduces a new vision of time as a source of well-being. Dr. Joel Bennett encourages us to embark on a new quest to re-imagine our relationship time as a meaningful endeavor for personal growth. Readers will find meaning through personal reflections, self-assessment exercises, and references to research and spiritual texts. The Quest for Presence collection is based on over 20 years of research and experience delivering workshops on this material. It follows from Dr. Bennett's books Time and Intimacy: A New Science of Personal Relationships (2000) and Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving (2014).

This is a highly interactive workshop. While you will be asked to participate by sharing your experience of time and the book, no one is required to share or speak. Each session begins with a quick overview of the book and an introduction to book exercises. Participants are asked to read prior to each session and come prepared to share and discuss.


Each session will review previous reading and exercises, per below. Each reading is brief and may take readers between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.

Session 1 - April 18th - READING - Foreword to page 18 (finish with chapter "Show Up")

Session 2- April 25th - READING - Page 19 ("Listening") to page 37 (finish with chapter "Time and Spiritual Health") and COMPLETE EXERCISE - Pages 19 - 23

Session 3- May 2nd - READING - Page 39 ("What is Spirituality") to page 62 (finish with chapter "The Map, A Precious Weave of Time") and COMPLETE CONTEMPLATION- Pages 41 - 51

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