Resilience-to-Thriving: The Next Level of Mental Well-Being (A Pre-Certification Webinar)

  • $89.00

Resilience-to-Thriving: The Next Level of Mental Well-Being

(A Pre-Certification Webinar)


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This special webinar is offered in collaboration with NFP

Facilitator: Dr. Joel Bennett, CEO and Founder of OWLS (Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems)

Resilience means much more than just bouncing back. It is both a landing pad for stress or adversity and also a launching pad for thriving. This transformation, from reactive to proactive, can happen for individuals, teams, and even organizations. In this pre-certification webinar, you will learn practice-based tools to shift (you and your workplace) from merely landing, to launching. Moreover, key competencies of human resource and wellness professionals actually overlap with skills for resilience-to-thriving or the “R2T” process! These practical tools have been shown to reduce mental health stigma, enhance a work climate of trust, and support employees in their journey of positive mental well-being. Let’s bring well-being into the realm of mental health!

Details (The When, Who, and Price)

When: April 22nd from 12:00 to 1:30 CST via zoom link provided after registration

Who: This webinar is ideal for practitioners in human resources, benefits design, wellness, training and development, and for those who serve workplaces by promoting or accessing behavioral health resources (e.g., Employee Assistance, coaches, wellness champions).

Price: $89

Participants receive the following as part of registration and attendance:

  • Access for one-person to a 90-minute webinar and later to a recording of that webinar
  • A hard copy of Dr. Bennett’s book “Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving.” Please register by April 10th to ensure receipt of the book prior to the webinar.
  • Handouts that include slides and worksheets for practicing the tools and concepts taught in the webinar
  • A Certificate of attendance along with a 10% discount code to the next resilience certification programs through OWLS. This includes resilience facilitator training (starts April 27, or August 5), coach training (starts May 20th), and consultant training (dates TBD). See more below.


Dr. Bennett provides certification training in three different areas of "Resilience-to-Thriving." Each one includes the ability to earn CE credits for Human Resources (e.g., HRCI) and other professionals  These programs are: listed below. Following attendance at the webinar, participants will receive a discount code for these classes.

Webinar Objectives

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify different levels of the stress response and the role of set-point and tolerance in transforming stress and emotional reactivity
  2. Recognize the importance of healthy alternatives and effective coping processes
  3. Explain how resilience-to-thriving aligns with leadership competencies in their own profession
  4. Describe how the above factors help to reduce stigma regarding help-seeking for problems with mental health and substance misuse