LeadWell LiveWell Suite:
ExecuPrev™ and IntelliPrev™

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LeadWell LiveWell is a suite of management health solution tools proven in a clinical trial to:

– Improve diet and exercise; some actually lost weight and waist circumference.
– Reduce stress
– Improve leadership
– Gain new insights that lead managers to lead more ethically and compassionately

    LeadWell LiveWell Products Include:
    ExecuPrev™ Program: A self-paced learning program designed to improve health, reduce stress and improve leadership skills. The program also includes self-assessments, an online journal tool, activity planning calendar and access to four comprehensive health improvement programs for you and up to 10 team members.
    • Over 15 video lessons
    • Over 40 learn more documents on a variety of topics related to your health and leadership
    • Over 40 expert advice videos from health and leadership experts
    • A set of downloadable lessons that guide you to take action on key Leadwell and Livewell concepts
    • A full battery of self-assessment tools that you complete and store in your own account and can review with a coach
    • An “Activity Planner” calendar tool for scheduling activities
    • An online journal tool
    • Access to four comprehensive programs for diet, exercise, stress management, and mood management
    • And a team builder tool that allows you to provide up to 10 other colleagues access to these four programs
    IntelliPrev™ Program: IntelliPrev™ is a new Web-based prevention platform with multiple tools to help individuals build an effective health and productivity (wellness) program in any worksite.

    The program was developed with a grant from the National Institutes of Health to promote the use of evidence-based programs that also address behavior health concerns (e.g., depression, substance abuse).

    IntelliPrev consists of many neat tools, including:

    • An e-learning (expert) system
    • Organizational assessment tools
    • A Prevention Program Library
    • A Program Implementation Planner
    • Evaluations

    Assessment tools survey organizational readiness tool and 7 dimensions of Health and Productivity Climate Index (HPCI) that can be given to employee directly on-line.

    The Prevention Program Library includes a suite of science-based programs. Linking the assessment tools and the Library is the Program Implementation Planner which guides the user in the delivery of a worksite prevention program.

    The evaluation tools consist of evaluation forms and an ROI (Return on Investment) estimator.

    Self-Assessment Coaching – A coach helps you process the results of 8 Surveys and your LeadWell-LiveWell Profile and helps you design a plan to leverage your strengths and address areas of opportunity.
    360 Coaching with Leader-Member Accuracy – Receive Guidance on use of a 360 assessment tool to help you assess your impact as leader.

    ExecuPrev™ is part of our LeadWell LiveWell suite of management health solution tools.

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