Centering Visualization <br>(Guided Meditation)

Centering Visualization
(Guided Meditation)

  • $19.95

Centering Visualization (Guided Meditation) Kit
(and bonus guided meditation on wellbeing)

  • Do you find yourself reacting to stress by doing or saying the wrong thing?
  • Do you find it difficult to relax during a stressful day and that tension just piles up?
  • Are there significant stresses in your life that just don’t go away?
  • Do you need to gain some perspective on the many distractions and hassles in your life?
  • Would you like a simple technique that you can practice every day to help reduce stress?

This kit helps you to reduce stress, enhancing your ability to cope, gain perspective, and relax. You will gain immediate benefits from one time practice, but regular practice will help you deal with new stresses as they arise. Once you learn the guided centering visualization and internalize it you will be able to call on it “in a moment’s notice.”

This starter kit provides you with everything you need to learn the visualization technique. You receive:

  • Three different versions of the 20 minute visualization: with music, without music, and interactive instruction
  • The visualization or centering poster
  • The nine insights that help you prepare for meditation
  • BONUS: In addition you receive a 20 minute “Field of WellBeing” guided visualization
  • BONUS: An article that explains why and how these visualizations work