Resilience to Thriving Coaching

Are your Employees Just Coping?

Give Them the Tools to Thrive!

"Resilience & Thriving: The Secret Power of Stress" is the interactive workshop your team needs!

This new training provides easy-to-use and practical skills for identifying and reducing stress at home and work.
In addition, participants learn how to use stress as a positive resource for resilience and thriving.
“Resilience & Thriving” has been used in many industries and achieved positive outcomes.
The course has been used in several evidencebased programs
The course is best delivered as a 60- to 90-minute workshop but is modular and expandable, so it can be adjusted.


• In studies using the training, participants were found to have reduced stress 12 months after the training (compared to a control group)
• These same participants also reported less counterproductive behavior amongst their work peers (e.g., rudeness, harassment)
• In a study with over 10 different trainers in a variety of settings, pre- to post-training improvements showed:
- Increased confidence in one’s ability to keep stress from negatively effecting work performance
- Increased ability to recognize unhealthy coping habits and correct these habits
- Increased confidence in being able to effectively evaluate and address stressors in one’s life
- Increased recognition of internal resources (healthy habits) to keep stress from building up
• Because the training is often conducted with coworkers, other benefits include increased teamwork and better understanding and compassions amongst coworkers

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"Tremendous potential to fulfill both personally and professionally!"

– Janet Masters, Nurse Practitioner


• Aligns with and promotes current resources (employee assistance, wellness, local resources)
• Can be adapted for supervisors and managers
• Reviews both effective and ineffective coping strategies
• Identifies early and later warning signs of poor coping and ways to address or get help 
• Offers tools for making stress a personal ally
• Explains how resilience and thriving work across 6 dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, and intellectual)
• Provides easy-to-access resources in each of the 6 dimensions
• Distinguishes ways that your team can be resilient and thrive and not only cope with stressful situations
• Includes an 8-page workbook with exercises participants can keep using to:
- Identify life-style and coping-style strengths
- Create ongoing goals for addressing stress
- Learn mind-body tools for adapting a positive mind-set in the face of stress.