New Veteran Wellness Program: OWLS Collaboration with the SAFE Project

The image above, taken from the SAFE Project's new Veteran Wellness program, gives participants a map through all the training modules in the program. You can access the first online module and learn more by visiting links provided below.

On June 23rd, The SAFE Project, in collaboration with OWLS, hosted a webinar Veteran Wellness Showcase that described the new prevention education program: Veteran Wellness: Journey from Coping to Thriving.” We appreciate the students and leaders who shared their experiences with our program during the showcase.

You can access the first module of the six-module training. Please go here to download this and other resources including a recording of the showcase, FAQs about the program, and a video of testimonials from veterans who have attended the program. Please feel free to share this page and links below with others. 




About the program

SAFE Project’s “Veteran Wellness: Journey from Coping to Thriving” program, was designed for and by veterans and is available for active-duty members transitioning from service as well as current veterans. Created in collaboration with the Wounded Warrior ProjectOrganizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS) and Walmart, this program empowers veterans who are at risk of mental health challenges and substance use disorder to thrive in their transition from active duty, especially during these uncertain times!

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