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Get Certified

in Evidence-Based Mental Well-Being and Resilience-to-Thriving Training and Coaching Programs

OWLS directly delivers online and face-to-face programs to employees and communities.

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 Become an Elements of Thriving Facilitator


Elements of Thriving is a series of courses created, copyrighted, and offered by OWLS with the goal of helping you become a facilitator of evidence-based trainings.

Before describing these programs, prospective students have two options for receiving certification. Both options require a minimum of ten (10) participants. Taking the training provides you with a certificate. Further steps are required to become certified, including providing evidence of impact after delivering the training.

THROUGH OWLS. First, we (OWLS) offer virtual train-the-trainer on a case-by-case basis for any group of students. Discounts apply. Please contact us directly for details.

THROUGH NATIONAL WELLNESS INSTITUTE. Second, you can also sign-up through periodic offerings through the National Wellness Institute. (links to NWI)

Both programs provides access to a wealth of downloadable resources including a PowerPoint slide deck, workbooks, handouts, and facilitator notes to use in your own presentations, plus two live interactive Zoom trainings with Dr. Joel Bennett of OWLS.

Resilience & Thriving Facilitator Training

Resilience is either a landing pad for stress or a launching pad for thriving. This training provides a cognitive-behavioral approach to transforming stress into a positive resource. Facilitators learn how to apply core concepts from Dr. Bennett’s book “Raw Coping Power” in ways that helps students learn healthy alternatives for dealing with stress and how to move through the different levels of coping: from stress, to coping, to resilience, to thriving.

Empowered Health Consciousness Facilitator Training

With any emotional trigger in our life (including pain) we can wake up, show up, level up, and grow up. This certificate course—based on an evidence-informed program, with funding from the U.S. Department of Health (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency, SAMHSA)—provides information and tools to bring health consciousness to the workplace and beyond.

 Become A Resilience Coach



This certificate training is for those professionals within either a human resource or wellness related profession to help them learn about and acquire skills and tools for assisting individuals and organizations with enhancing their resilience and thriving capacity. There are two tracks for this certificate; both basic and advanced.

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