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Content Management System

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An evidence-based tool for driving wellness engagement.

iLinkwell™ integrates traditional wellness with mental well-being strategies. Using behavior change techniques, iLinkwell™ provides various application program interface options, survey algorithms, and resource options so you can deliver a tailored “nudge” to employees based on their self-identified interests and risks.

Pricing is as follows:

  • PRICES RANGE FROM $10 per user/per year (500 plus users) to $49.95 per user/per year (1 to 10 users).
  • Includes consultation and set-up.

iLinkWell™ was built from funding for a clinical trial from the National Institutes of Health and based on the logic of SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment)

1. Content Management System includes four basic areas for content customization

Survey development: scoring (algorithm), and feedback: create your own Likert type surveys, set scoring parameters for feedback, and provide customized feedback

Resources: present different resources (PDF, coded text, videos, URLS) based on scoring

Planning/Calendar Reminders: create customized lists of intentions (health behavior plans) for different areas of wellness where users can set email reminders to follow-up on their plans

Gaming: API interface wellness games; scores can be fed into a leaderboard; check out our “Daily Habits Game”

2. Accounts: It has an account/subaccount management infrastructure
  1. You can create different accounts for organizations or “Lead account manager” (e.g., coaches)
  2. Each account can have multiple subgroups
  3. Each account or subgroups can have multiple campaigns
  4. Campaigns can focus on one or more of a subset of surveys/resources/plan combinations (see # 1 above)
  5. Leaderboards can be set up for competitive campaigns

3. Data Capture: The entire system is set up so that you can track user activity and survey scores

Three videos on iLinkWell:

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