Health Activation Training: Empowering Health Consciousness

Health Activation Training: Empowering Health Consciousness

  • $479.00

Health Activation Training: Empowering Health Consciousness

Facilitator Certificate Training


We have no scheduled training at this time. We offer training on an as-needed basis and require a minimum of eight (8) students. Please contact us.


Wednesday - February 10, 10AM – 12:30PM EST

Wednesday – February 17, 10AM – 12:00PM EST

$479 for New or Recent Students  | $299 for Alumni Prior to December 2020


Research on COVID-19 suggests that it is important to establish regular routines that cause us to routinely focus on uplifting health. Doing so actually lifts our mood, strengthens well-being, and improves resilience. The “Health Activation Training: Empowering Health Consciousness” course emphasizes protective factors (at individual and social levels) that helps individuals identify emotional triggers and set-backs, get in touch with internal resources, and prevent unhealthy behaviors such as avoidance and Rx misuse.

The training also discusses misuse problems in the workplace and solutions, and encourages health-conscious alternatives across Six Dimensions of Wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, and intellectual). There is a significant reciprocal relationship between empowered health consciousness and resilience. 

At the very root of all OWLS programs is the process of empowering individuals in their own health consciousness. This is part mindfulness, part consumer awareness, and part self-care. 


Certificate course participants may use the slide deck, facilitator notes, handouts, case studies, and an engaging Jeopardy-style game provided in the training in their own workshops, trainings, and client presentations. The tools are also very helpful for coaching individuals who may be at-risk for any unhealthy behavior. To earn a Certificate as an Empowered Health Consciousness Facilitator and be able to offer the “Health Activation” training to others, participants must successfully complete all elements of the online certificate course.

Course Objectives

Certificate course participants—as well as the individuals they train—will be able to:

  • Define “health consciousness” (key to preventing at-risk and avoidant behaviors as well as prescription drug misuse).
  • Identify triggers that put individuals at risk identify healthy alternatives that can diminish these risks.
  • Take steps to implement healthy options and use evidence-informed resources
  • Use the above skills to reduce prescription drug misuse and abuse in their own or client's work setting or community


Who's attending?

  • Wellness coaches & coordinators
  • Worksite wellness professionals
  • Health educators
  • Human resource & employee benefits professionals
  • Employee assistance professionals
  • Wellness brokers
  • Motivational speakers
  • Teachers/Instructors
  • Anyone wishing to offer training in health consciousness


Materials Included

All participants receive:

  • An electronic copy of the core presentation slide-deck with facilitator notes
  • All handouts, evaluation forms, and guidelines needed to replicate the training
  • An Excel spreadsheet for tabulating pre- and post-ratings
  • Follow-up access to the preview video and all session recordings
  • An electronic copy of the course Jeopardy-style game
  • A set of published articles that discuss and assess the training



This page has lots of good information, video and podcast links, and access to our research on health consciousness.