Consultation and Coaching

Consultation and Coaching

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OWLS has provided a range of organizational consulting and wellness design services since 1990 for a wide variety of clients. Our approach is based in a process-consulting philosophy, with the goal of empowering each client to own any innovation, insight, or program that emerges from the consultation.

In this way, OWLS focuses more on helping to foster positive change that works for the client rather than suggest a particular or pre-fabricated solution. We often partner with clients and use a three-phased approach, working in any or all three phases:

1) Discovery: review needs, interests, climate, culture, and current offerings, benefits, initiatives

2) Design/Customize: based on the discovery, OWLS will suggest design options for programs or incorporate features from our own suite of tools

3) Implementation: following from the previous phases we offer research reports, white papers, classroom training, training-of-trainers, or e-learning implementations

Below is a list of some consultation projects we have completed. Please contact us to help you find the right tools for your vision!

ORGANIZATIONAL RESILIENCE. We completed a year long implementation training for a mid-sized healthcare company that included pre-assessments, ongoing training, social infrastructure development, and post-assessments. The organization saw significant improvements in the culture of resilience and participants reported personal benefits in several areas. 

CULTURE: “Best of Class” Culture Initiative for an International Hotel Chain (research support for national initiative; focus groups, surveys, statistical analysis, executive reports); in-house culture training for small for- and non-profits, municipalities, and academic institutions.

JOB TRAINING: Developed Competency Framework for Prevention Coordinators (Military) (retreats, planning, job analysis, and subsequent development of comprehensive job guidance framework and training support)

WELLNESS CHAMPIONS: (multiple clients) Wellness Champion Training and workshops for Large Health Insurance (surveys and training to assist with preparing and support workplace wellness champions), Fortune 500 companies, and national insurance agencies

WHITE PAPERS: White Paper for Targeting Stress Management Strategies for an International Health Provider (statistical analysis of large data set and white paper report) and the American Council of Engineering Companies.

TRAINING DESIGN: Intranet Wellness Training Packages for a Large Transportation Company (online learning slide decks). Face-to-face curriculum  for small-to-medium prevention agencies and coalitions

RESEARCH: (multiple clients) Data analysis, Program Evaluation, Clinical Trials, Large Data Sets, Research Designs, Psychometrics, Research Protocols, and supporting materials development, Protection of Human Subjects, Assistance with Institutional Review Board (IRB) preparation and review, Grant Writing, Consulting on Grant Writing

EMPLOYEE OPINION SURVEYS: (multiple clients): Customized online and paper surveys with normative comparison data; OWLS has a bank of over 1,000 survey items

LEADERSHIP/EMPLOYEE RETREATS or WORKSHOPS: (multiple clients) Customized programs for team building, vision work, leadership development, wellness committees