Small Business Wellness Initiative

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The Small Business Wellness Initiative consists of both (1) a community strategy for delivering health promotion to small businesses within a community and also (2) two evidence-based programs: Team Awareness for Small Businesses and Choices in Health Promotion. You can learn more about Team Awareness by clicking here. The Choices program is described below.


When you download the materials, you will receive all the core materials associated with replicating the SBWI. You also receive two-hours of consultation from the developer.

Core Materials consist of the following
(FOLDER 1) FIELD WORK - COLLATERAL: Contains nine (9) documents (including original flipbook presentations, small business owner retreat workbook, fidelity guides, and brochures). These are the original materials and will require some updating and formatting for your setting. Additional review of the modular Choice modules will be sent separately following consultation and are included in the costs.

(FOLDER 2) FINAL REPORTS: Contains the Final Replication Manual (39 pages) and the Final Research Report (156 pages).

(FOLDER 3) PUBLISHED-PRESENTATIONS_NREPP: Contains seven (7) publications (inclusive of a research poster and the NREPP review of the CHOICES program)

(FOLDER 4) TEAM AWARENESS - SMALL BUSINESS: Included all the modules, manuals, slides, handouts, and fidelity guides for the Team Awareness Small Business version.



The Small Business Wellness Initiative–Choices in Health Promotion (Choices) is a customizable, health-promotion program for small businesses in industries with employees known to be at high risk for substance use or mental health issues. This includes businesses with fewer than 500 employees in construction, transportation and materials moving, manufacturing, hospitality, and food service. The program consists of a 4-hour, interactive, classroom-style training with presentations, videos, handouts, activities, and other resources. Training topics include stress management, healthy eating, time management, spiritual health, active lifestyle, tobacco use and smoking, parenting skills, and substance use prevention. A needs assessment is conducted to identify the business’s top priority areas. The needs assessment is a 1-to 2-hour, face-to-face interview with the business owner or other management staff and covers the following sections: 1) business description (introductory questions); 2) owner–employee relations; 3) policies and training; 4) insurance, workers compensation, and employee assistance programs (EAP); 5 ) alcohol and drug use; 6) health and productivity; 7) owner perception and stress; 8) time management; 9) owner perceptions of meaningful work; and 10) training preferences. Based on the results of the needs assessment, program material is selected from different topics, including safety and moderation; alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; team awareness; family connection; active lifestyle; healthy eating; time management and spiritual health; and managing stress. This selection of program material was developed, in part, from similar health promotion programs (Team Awareness and Healthy Work Place) focused on workplace wellness and substance use. The selected program topics are then assembled into modules for a 4-hour training. In addition to the customized program material, every “Choices” program includes two elements: an introduction and a health-goal-setting process. The introduction explains the process by which the program material was selected, the topic areas, and includes a questionnaire to help trainers identify employees’ interest areas. After completing each training module, employees are asked to list personal health goals relating to the program material and steps they can take to achieve those goals.