Resilient Leadership and Positive Mental Well-Being in Your Workforce: The Heart-Centered Tool-Kit

Resilient Leadership and Positive Mental Well-Being in Your Workforce: The Heart-Centered Tool-Kit

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This one-hour webinar comes packaged with evidence-based tools to: (1) help leaders, supervisors, and managers strengthen their personal resilience and well-being, while also (2) supporting work cultures that enhance employee health and productivity.


Many workplaces are experiencing challenges, if not crises, in stress, burn-out, and overall distraction and communication break-downs. The research conducted by the presenter and many others is clear: Managers and supervisors have a critical ripple effect. Through their own health, outlook, and leadership they can have a tremendously positive influence on the well-being of others.


In this webinar, participants will learn about AND complete experiential exercises. First, you will review and self-assess the seven virtues and principles of heart-centered leadership and also learn their connection to well-being.


In this session, you will learn:
  • The Four Foundations of Inspiration and how to recognize and cultivate them in yourself (your Cause, Calling, Legacy, and Destiny)
  • The Four Paths of the Healthy Leader Ripple Effect and specific behaviors leaders enact to help create a culture of well-being (role modeling, supporting health promotion/EAP, enhancing the work environment, and practicing the virtues of heart-centered leadership)
  • The Seven Virtues of Heart-Centered Leadership and your own profile for addressing each along with take-away exercises (ACCESS PREVIEW GRAPHIC HERE. Please study for the course)
  • The Secret Power of Stress and how resilient leadership requires preparing for, discerning, and navigating the progressive landscape of stress (hassles, challenges, burn-out, failures, and crises)

*These tools have been developed and tested in previous studies and applied by dozens of managers over the past 10 years (see NHLBI R44 HL075965; and patent US20110137669A1).

This is a very hands-on session;

more of a workshop than a webinar.


NOTE. After you register you will receive the following, typically within 24 hours. If you do not please contact us at

  • A link to an electronic edition of Heart-Centered Leadership: LeadWell, Live Well (by Susan Steinbrecher and Joel Bennett)
  • A hard-copy of Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving (by Joel B. Bennett and Kenneth Pelletier) (expect 7-10 business days for delivery)
  • Attachments with initial exercises that you can do to prepare for the session and continue to use afterwards (includes an inspirational video; excerpts from Raw Coping Power; self-assessment exercises; and additional readings on executive health).


Those who have used these tools in the past have shown some or all of the following improvements (see example study here):
  • Reduced risks for cardiovascular disease
  • Improved attitudes toward diet and exercise
  • Reduced stress or hostile attitudes
  • Improvements in transformational leadership
  • Improved leadership perceptions among team members


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