Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS) is a science-based consulting and training service in the area of Integral Organizational Wellness™. The workplace-whether a large corporation or small business—plays an important role in the health and well-being of working adults as well as their families. In turn, the health of workers has a tremendous effect on workplace productivity and bottom-line results.

What Can OWLS Do For You?

We can increase engaged participation in your wellness efforts.  Participation can be meaningless.  Engaged participation increases productivity.  Enticing employees into a one-time weight loss challenge for incentives causes most employees to lose weight one time.  Temporarily.  Having a work environment that encourages healthy eating, physical activity and coping skills improves employee health.  Long-term.  Long term health improvement increases productivity and lowers costs.  We can do that for you.

Through our scientifically proven evidence based programs we can improve your bottom line.  With programs targeting leadership, wellness champions, teamwork and individuals you will find programs and products to suit your needs.  We can also build a customized program that’s built around your organization’s unique needs.

So explore our tools and programs and let’s make your wellness program work for you.


In our increasingly fast-paced culture, organizations need innovative ways to create or maintain a healthy environment and still realize profit. We partner with worksites to offer comprehensive, modular, and customized programs that inspire renewable vitality, productivity, and sense of organizational community. By integrating learning, productivity, and health, organizational members—at individual, group, and global levels—experience a renewed sense of growth and quality in their work, in life, and work-life synergy.


Developing innovative technology-based systems to promote wellness at organizational and individual levels.

Who We Are

There is a positive feedback loop between individual health and overall organizational health. When individual workers are healthy, know how to manage stress and time, or are simply “in balance,” then teamwork or team “spirit” is positive and energetic. The atmosphere or climate at work can also feel more vital, friendly, and socially healthy. The work climate may also be “healthy” for a number of reasons such as good communication, fairness, respect, good benefits, or simply the presence of a positive and strong leader. When a work climate is healthy, there is a greater chance that employees will also be healthy.

Our purpose at OWLS is to help businesses understand, improve, and maintain the positive feedback system between worker health and total organizational health. All our work is based on scientific research and is customized to meet your unique set of needs, risks, and current level of wellness. We use a variety of tools to help, including: employee surveys, culture audits, workshops, coaching at all levels (worker to executive), team retreats, design of assessment or performance appraisal systems, and policy development. OWLS’ previous clients include organizations in these areas: federal and local governments, military, hospitality/hotel, healthcare, construction, police and 9-1-1, professional organizations, and higher education. Our president, Dr. Joel B. Bennett, is available for public speaking.