Become a Wellness Champion

Studies show that excellent wellness programs have a champion, advocate, or ambassador for the program. The designated often best if this employee has the confidence and passion to help other employees become healthy and build a culture of wellness in the workplace.

There are two ways to increase champion effectiveness. First, evidence-based principles and programs help champions to know what works and what doesn’t work. Second, strong champions need to really know their organization: the culture, the climate, the risk factors, and the strength factors. OWLS online tools and consultative services are here to help!

OWLS found that when champions used our evidence-based tools and services, they:

  • increased their confidence in program design, delivery, and evaluation
  • increased their knowledge about program effectiveness
  • became the local wellness expert in their company
  • used the right tools at the right time to take their wellness program to the next level
  • spoke knowledgeably to decision-makers
  • received more financial support for their program
  • integrated behavioral health with wellness for a more robust program

In addition to our tools and services for champions, check out OWLS’s Prevtools™ and IntelliPrev™ programs. You’ll find Return-on-Investment Estimation, the Health & Productivity Climate Index, Readiness Assessment tools, Team building assessments, and a variety of tips and resources to help you assess needs, design programs, deliver, and evaluate them.

I want to do my best as a wellness champion, but there is too much information online! Not to mention the mailing lists, vendors, wellness newsletters, RSS feeds…. Egads! It’s tempting to buy a program in a box and call it “good enough!”…But, long term? It just won’t work.

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