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by Susan Doherty, Trainer and Radio Talk-Show Host, Investing in the Future: Creating Wealth Through Health on Blank Business Name

As an ergonomic and wellness consultant with a focus on stress management, becoming a Certified Facilitator in Raw Coping Power (RCP) was a natural fit for me. I have given this workshop to a number of people, but with great success. After presenting RCP to a benefits group, I quickly received a call from that company’s HR director asking me back to facilitate to HR managers at their national conference. It was that well received!This new tool in my tool box is now prominently promoted to my clients. Stress is so often looked as a negative. This is a powerful opportunity to showcase its effects on our lives and how to manage it in a way that helps us thrive. Individual feedback has been very positive. I’m so impressed with this program developed by Dr. Bennett I am planning to take other certification programs through Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems, such as the Team Awareness program.

by Eirásmin Lokpez-Cobo, Owner & Wellness Strategist, Back to Life's Basics on Blank Business Name
Raw Coping Power is Effective!

As a certified trainer of Raw Coping Power, I can attest to its effectiveness. Participants readily enjoy the material and can apply it to their lives. The connections they make with the material and with each other can help them not only cope with stress but also thrive in any new or stressful environment. In one exercise, a volunteer helps to role model effective coping that also helps others. Participant outcomes show, among other things, that they have improved confidence to evaluate the stressors of their life, greater recognition that healthy coping is a choice, and greater ability to recognize when their coping is not working. They also report increased motivation to address stress and more knowledge on how and where to get help. I highly recommend Dr. Bennett’s training course. You will see positive outcomes with your participants and enhance confidence in those clients you serve.”

by Janet Masters, Consultant, Creating Cultures of Health on Blank Business Name
Solid Base of Understanding

"Having recently been a part of Joel's "Raw Coping Power " facilitator training, I not only have a solid base of understanding the positive and negative responses to stress, but, also, the most important factors to preventing it.The entire content of the facilitator training is top notch and I am now "well tooled" to take what I have learned and tweak it to my own unique style of presentation with resource and confidence for success.Joel is an excellent trainer- encouraging us to be active participants in the learning process while modeling a spirit of vulnerability and growth for our own lives.If you haven't had the opportunity to engage in Joel's work, you are missing out on an experience that has tremendous potential to fulfill you both personally and professionally."

by Wally Doolin, CEO, La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe on Blank Business Name
Stimulate your Intellect

Heart-Centered Leadership will...stimulate your intellect as it is based on research that reinforces the conclusions in a logical way.

by Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD Author, Time Shifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life; Cofounder and CEO, on Blank Business Name
Rich and New Way to Look at Relationships

(On Time and Intimacy) This book delves deeply and reveals to the reader a rich and new way to look at the realm of relationships. Simultaneously exploring time and intimacy creates a profound shift in our understanding of how people relate. In a modern era that views time as a commodity, intimacy is often lost as relationship suffers. Joel Bennett provides a brilliant approach to a very important subject--well worth any reader's time.

by Karen Prager University of Texas, Dallas on Blank Business Name
Title: Time and Intimacy

Joel Bennett's Time and Intimacy talks about intimacy in a way that recreates the feeling of intimacy, and recapitulates his vision of an intimate interaction through the structure of the book itself. Just as intimate interactions provide a sense of transcending time even as they can only be understood within a temporary trajectory, Bennett's prose, by refusing linearity and traditional scientific discourse, recapitulates the felt sense of an intimate interaction through its poetic style. Time and Intimacy is a book that can be opened anywhere and enjoyed, as it is composed of many loosely woven strands pulled together graphically and sometimes metaphorically. When it is opened spontaneously and absorbed in bursts, with full attention given to the language itself, it can be appreciated like poetry. Unlike poetry, however, Bennett's work has woven within it references to the latest research on close relationships. For readers who believe that the structure of the text should speak to the subject matter of that text, there is much experimentation with textual structure to be discovered in Time and Intimacy. Language alternates in unpredictable ways between the poetic and the philosophical, between the scientific and the transpersonal, between the objective and the subjective. Much as an intimate conversation itself might, the book invites the reader to transcend the ordinary boundaries of academic disciplines and to think about intimate experience in language that goes beyond ordinary discourse.