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OWLS Programs Recognized by U.S. Surgeon General

OWLS Programs Acknowledged by Surgeon General The first ever Surgeon General’s report on “Facing Addiction in America” came out recently (November, 2016). It cited OWLS evidence-based programs, Team Awareness and Team Resilience, as the only ones that met their criteria for effectiveness for workplace prevention. The Surgeon General’s “seal of approval” delivers a powerful message, providing perhaps the ultimate [...]

Team Awareness Resilience Facilitator Training: November 2015

Team Awareness Resilience Facilitator Training Comes to Tennessee What is the "Team Awareness " Training? Over 40,000 individuals from multiple work sites have benefited from the Team Awareness and Team Resilience curricula. The course includes modules on Relevance & Well-Being, Policy & Accountability, Raw Coping Power, Tolerance & De-Stigmatization, Communication, and Encouragement & Compassion (Nudging). [...]

Evidence-Based Stress Management: Focus on Positive Outcomes

Many work organizations recognize that job stress can be a significant cost to doing business and are starting to do something about it. The research is quite clear that, without any prevention program in place, stress takes its toll on employer-relevant outcomes like