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OWLS Programs Recognized by U.S. Surgeon General

OWLS Programs Acknowledged by Surgeon General The first ever Surgeon General’s report on “Facing Addiction in America” came out recently (November, 2016). It cited OWLS evidence-based programs, Team Awareness and Team Resilience, as the only ones that met their criteria for effectiveness for workplace prevention. The Surgeon General’s “seal of approval” delivers a powerful message, providing perhaps the ultimate [...]

Empowered Use, Health Consciousness and Prescription Drugs: Part 2

The prevention of prescription drug misuse among working adults is a wellness issue.   Attention All Workers! Employee-Focused Free “Lunch & Learn” Webinar (September 7) Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  ⇒  Download Flyer Here     ⇒  Register Here Progress. We continue to develop evidence-based approaches to workplace substance misuse prevention. Last [...]

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs

Learn wellness tools for reducing risks associated with adult prescription drug misuse and abuse

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Workplace Prevention

Health and human resource professionals of all types wake up! The growing epidemic of workforce prescription abuse needs your help. This is not just the domain of medicine; but also all safety, prevention, employee assistance, health promotion, and medical wellness providers Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Workplace Prevention Adult misuse of prescription drugs is a growing problem. Such misuse [...]

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Facilitator Training

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Facilitator Training National data show prescription drug abuse is growing at rates that wellness/lifestyle practitioners can no longer ignore. Coaches and wellness coordinators can benefit from knowledge about prescription misuse in topical areas the presenter will discuss: neuroscience, motivators (pain, mood energy), at-risk populations, and policy as well as mind-body [...]