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Empowered Use, Health Consciousness and Prescription Drugs: Part 2

The prevention of prescription drug misuse among working adults is a wellness issue.   Attention All Workers! Employee-Focused Free “Lunch & Learn” Webinar (September 7) Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  ⇒  Download Flyer Here     ⇒  Register Here Progress. We continue to develop evidence-based approaches to workplace substance misuse prevention. Last [...]

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs

Learn wellness tools for reducing risks associated with adult prescription drug misuse and abuse

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Facilitator Training

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Facilitator Training National data show prescription drug abuse is growing at rates that wellness/lifestyle practitioners can no longer ignore. Coaches and wellness coordinators can benefit from knowledge about prescription misuse in topical areas the presenter will discuss: neuroscience, motivators (pain, mood energy), at-risk populations, and policy as well as mind-body [...]