Yes. We really do have a plethora of tools to build resilience at the individual and organizational level. And there is more…

  • Free Trial: Free trial version of our e-learning program “Team Resilience: Finding Strength through Stress”
  • Study: Report on effectiveness of e-learning resilience
  • Book: Our book “Raw Coping Power” can be previewed here and purchased here
  • Visualization: Download two guided visualizations on centering and well-being
  • Training: Our Team Resilience training (located in the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs) is briefly described here
  • Packet: The brochure packet on the Five Cs of Resilience that we developed for Caterpillar Corporation (in conjunction with Chestnut Global Partners)
  • Strategy: Our Organizational Resilience strategy has been adopted by BeaconHealth Options (EAP) and can be previewed here
  • Presentation: Capsule information about the Five Cs of Resilience can be seen in this presentation (Slides 28 to 33)
  • Blog: Our cherished Blog on “Strength” in our Quantum Nudge Series (Nine Tips!)