Everyone talks about time pressure and stress and their impact at home, at work, and on health. But there is much more of a focus on the problem than the solution. About 15 years ago I spoke to a group of medical directors from Fortune 100 companies. They told me that the biggest driver of their corporate health care costs was stress. So I asked them what could they do to use simple evidence-based programs known to reduce stress. Everyone told me “We don’t have the time!” This was 15 years ago and the dysfunctional paradox of not prioritizing stress because of time pressure is no longer just ironic. We now have an epidemic on our hands. Job stress (really a misnomer because it masks more insidious corporate practices) has now been unequivocally documented as a primary driver of many diseases.

rcp-bookSince 1985 we have provided stress management training to many diverse populations. With the help of colleagues at Texas Christian University and OWLS, we actually tested the effectiveness of these programs in clinical trials. I am grateful for the research funding we received from the National Institutes of Health and the Substance  Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Raw Coping Power distills many of the practical and research-based insights gained from almost 30 years of experience.

As an introduction to the book, the exhibits show the book summary and the list of the 7 basic principles.  By adopting these principles and working with the tools in the book it is possible to transform stress into a positive opportunity for growth. It takes effort, self-compassion, and a community of others to support the transformation. It is possible. And it is really time we took the time to make the change.

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