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Raw Coping Power reviews the “stress > evaluate > cope” model and the importance of life-style and cognition in dealing with stress.

The 2017 Raw Coping Power course is updated with exercises on the “Five Cs” of resilience (Centering, Compassion, Community, Confidence, and Commitment) with handouts participants enjoy and can use on their own. This is an engaging, fun, and effective program that you can add to your tool-kit. All participants receive a copy of the acclaimed book Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving.

Over 25,000 individuals from multiple work sites have benefited from this easy-to-use (60 minute) stress management module from the Team Awareness and Team Resilience curricula. Randomized clinical trials using the full curriculum show improved skills in stress management and actual stress reduction at 6- and 12-months following the program.

For access to a preview of the 2017 Raw Coping Power slide deck, please provide your information below:

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For full access to 2017 Raw Coping Power, including all facilitator notes, and recent research we’ve conducted please click below. You receive:

  • PowerPoint Slide Deck (54 slides)
  • Facilitator Notes for delivering the program
  • Handouts for participants
  • Session ratings (required for certification; see below)
  • Recent publications

Price: $189

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To receive training or become certified in Raw Coping Power, please contact us now! Trained facilitators continue to use the program years after original certification.

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What is involved in the Facilitator Training?

This 4-hour webinar course (two sessions of 2 hours) gives participants the tools they need to conduct a 60-minute simple lunch-and-learn program in any setting. The webinars are highly interactive with limited seating so EXPECT to get involved. All participants receive access to a webinar recording, a PowerPoint slide deck, facilitator notes, handouts, ideas for customization, and session rating forms.

How do I get Certified?

Attendance at the 4 hours is required to receive an initial certificate. Participants also are required to deliver “Raw Coping Power” to at least one group of employees (minimum of 8), tabulate results from session ratings, and share them with program author and course trainer, Dr. Joel Bennett.


Who should participate?

  • Health Educators, Wellness managers
  • Employee assistance professionals, Psychologists
  • Nursing / Allied health professionals
  • Public Health Professionals, Dietitians
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Health and Wellness Coaches

Price: $349 (discounted to $160 if you already purchase the Raw Coping Power materials)

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