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    “BRAVO! Heart-Centered Leadership is a must-read for enlightened executives seeking to do business the right way.” Frank Sonnenberg Author / Managing with a Conscience
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    ExecuPrev™ is part of our LeadWell LiveWell suite of management health solution tools. Get started with the basic ExecuPrev™ program now or check out our entire suite of LeadWell LiveWell products here:  
    LeadWell LiveWell
      One Year of ExecuPrev™ Basic Program Access. Includes:
    • One year of ExecuPrev™ Training for one manger/team Leader
    • Online Team Programs for up to 10 team Members
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    LeadWell LiveWell Management Self-Assessment Kit Research shows it helps to pause and evaluate yourself and your ways of relating with yourself and others. This starter kit provides you with many effective tools to help you reflect on how you are working and tips for enhancing your performance as a leader.
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    LeadWell LiveWell is a suite of management health solution tools proven in a clinical trial to:
    • Improve diet and exercise; some actually lost weight and waist circumference.
    • Reduce stress
    • Improve leadership
    • Gain new insights that lead managers to lead more ethically and compassionately