Hand in Glove: Employee Engagement Meets Resilience

  Perhaps the best way to engage workers is by appealing to their strengths -- to the inner resources and external conditions that foster resilience.   Many think that "engagement" is the new buzzword for employee productivity but it's really just old sheep in new clothing [1]. What is new -- and exciting - is [...]

Resilience and July 4th

The Declaration of Independence as a Template for Building Resilience. A Reflection.   The United States Declaration of Independence teaches the ability to rise up--as a collective-- to address stress and duress. Sometimes, the only way to be resilient is by establishing our freedom; separating ourselves from that which no longer serves us. But the [...]

Team Resilience Works to Reduce Call Center Stress

Team Resilience Works to Reduce Stress (NOW Online!) (An e-learning approach to healthy work culture) It is possible to look at stress in a positive way. Physical limitations, pain, tension, work overload, communication breakdowns, employee turnover, financial loss...these are just some examples of stress. But there are "tried and true" methods that help us to [...]

Get Off Your Story: Beyond Wellness Duality (with Bonus Flower Gift)

"Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.  -- Alphonse Karr" Health and well-being is a process: a wonderful, organic, ongoing, purpose-oriented process. Yet, wellness folks can sell a story that slices and dices the natural and dynamic process of well-being. Their viewpoint forgets there are different levels of truth and [...]

Benefits Magazine-Interview with Dr. Joel Bennett

Benefits Magazine (June, 2015)-Interview with Dr. Joel Bennett Dr. Bennett was interviewed by Chris Vogel, CEBS (editor) for the June 2015 issue of Benefits Magazine (published by the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans). In the interview, he discusses his experience with using evidence-based approaches to building a culture of health. Download Review [...]

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Online Resilience Course

OWLS Team Resilience: Finding Strength Through Stress Online Course In this online 30 minute interactive program you will gain access to many tools that have been shown to reduce stress and build resilience. The course includes: Videos Interactive exercises A self-assessment tool Quizzes Access to many resources to help you (and your organization) build resilience. Scientific [...]

Book review: The Promise of Wellbeing: Toward an Interdisciplinary World Science

Read Dr. Bennett's recent review of this ground-breaking six volume series for the American Psychological Association’s review journal, PsycCRITIQUES. Download Review