Moving from Management to Leadership

There is a difference between managing staff and leading people. Health and well-being is a big part of this difference. Consider whether you:

  1. are a healthy role model for others
  2. provide positive support and leadership
  3. support workplace efforts at health promotion
  4. do things to enhance the work environment

Whether you are a supervisor, manager, or any type of organizational leader,  we encourage you to use at least one of these four pathways. Each of these promote a positive ripple effect.  Manager health influences others, who then influence others. The result is an overall increase in health and productivity.  You can combine your own leadership development with health promotion in several ways that we have outlined in our LiveWell, LeadWell™ program (ExecuPrev™). This includes a deep self-assessment of health and vitality, heart-centered leadership, and a modified 360-feedback tool. We also have expert advice videos, learn more quick-reads, quick-tips, and programs you can encourage your colleagues to use as well. Those who have used this program have:

  • Improve diet
  • Improve exercise
  • Reduce stress
  • Lost weight
  • Lost waist circumference
  • AND increased their leadership skills

 We have a rotten turnover rate and folks are always out sick. Managing staff should not be rocket science! I thought it was the lousy talent pool in this area…hmm.. maybe it’s me? Could I have a role to play?

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