yoga-2176668_1920Empowered Health Consciousness and Prescription Drug Use

Adult workers appear to be misusing prescription drugs at an increasing rate, according to recent studies. Such misuse is associated with productivity costs and safety risks inside the workplace. It also undermines the effectiveness of any wellness effort. The problem is so pervasive, that the White House recently (10/26/2017) declared the Opioid epidemic a national health emergency.

Studies show that even though at least one third of employers report relatively prevalent Rx misuse, most are doing NOTHING to prevent the problem. Since 2007, OWLS has been actively engaged as an expert to help employers do something about Rx misuse through positive psychology and wellness efforts.

In 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) consulted with OWLS to assist with their Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace Initiative. We created a new program, training, and training of trainers that focused on health consciousness and developed tips and guidelines presentation for human resource professionals. In addition, Dr. Bennett (our President) has been interviewed in the following areas (click to access the article):

A Solution

In all of these activities, it is clear that employers need a simple and scalable method to educate employees about prevention. OWLS brief and easy-to-use training promotes well-being while reducing risks to prescription drug misuse. The training, entitled “Empowered Health Consciousness,” has been found effective in various work settings. We have published several peer-reviewed articles on the theory, feasibility, and efficacy of this approach (with more coming soon!).

Empowered Health Consciousness is one hour in length and is effective in both computer-based webinar or face-to-face Lunch & Learn format. With fun exercises, quick tips, handouts, and case studies, the training provides information about the risks associated with prescription drug misuse, emphasizes the harmful effects of misuse, discusses the problems associated with misuse in the workplace, and provides health conscious alternatives for prescription drug use.

Empowered Health Consciousness is based on OWLS award-winning prevention programs, acknowledged as effective by the U.S. Surgeon General, the National Registry of Prevention Programs and Practices, and others.

OWLS can deliver this training to your workplace and we also want to make the program available for any workplace to use.

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Information Capture

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For full access to 2017 Empowered Health Consciousness, including all facilitator notes and instructions for the interactive game, please click below. You receive:

  • PowerPoint Slide Deck (65 slides)
  • Facilitator Notes for delivering the program
  • Interactive Jeopardy Game on Prescription drug knowledge
  • Handouts for participants
  • Session ratings (required for certification; see below)

Price: $189

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Because this is an evidence-informed program, certification requires either (1) or (2) below

(1) Attendance at an Empowered Health Consciousness facilitation by Dr. Joel Bennett (delivered in two 2-hour sessions when available. You can request a training) and Personal presentation of Empowered Health Consciousness to at least 8 people, including tabulation of pre- and post-session ratings. We provide an EXCEL spreadsheet for tabulation

(2) Review of all materials provided (i.e. slide deck, facilitators notes, handouts), research papers, and SAMHSA Recording of presentation.

Price: $349 (discounted to $160 if you already purchase the Health Consciousness materials)

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