Relationships Are Vital to Success: 7 Tips to Improve Wellness Culture

Relationships Are Vital to Success: 7 Tips to Improve Wellness Culture (Quantum Nudge # 3: Intimacy) People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -- Maya Angelou "It's all about relationships," a common saying among salespeople, greatly applies to wellness, [...]

Unhealthy Work Culture: Focus on Strength to Turn the Tide (Quantum Nudge Series, Part 2)

Unhealthy Work Culture: Focus on Strength to Turn the Tide (Quantum Nudge Series, Part 2) Consciousness of our strength increases it. -- Marquis de Vauvenargues In 2014 there were over 5,100 businesses selling corporate wellness solutions. These businesses are increasingly using strengths-based programs with a positive focus, and avoiding health RISK assessments as THE [...]

The “Coach the Wellness Culture” Workshop

Learn the Quantum Nudge (Quality 1: Heart) If you don wings of love, you can ascend without the need of steps -- Shams i Tabriz Tabriz inspires us to find a heart-centered approach. Such inspiration can likely help all those seeking higher levels of health, especially in the workplace. But rapid cultural change is [...]

Cascade of Help-Seeking and Health Behavior

Prevention training can facilitate greater use of health coaching or other services that help employees (e.g., employee assistance). Many wellness/EAP providers who offer coaching often find low utilization rates. But promotional communications and training--like the OWLS' programs highlighted in the article--can adequately address attitudes toward help-seeking. The Research. Dr. Shawn Reynolds (OWLS Research Consultant) and Dr. Joel Bennett recently [...]

Creating a Culture of Responsible Choices

Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems worked with the National Guard Bureau providing strategic consulting, training-of-trainers, and evaluation in the development of their Prevention, Treatment & Outreach program. This was a very successful program and incorporated an adapted version of “Team Readiness” from our evidence-based Team Awareness program. This document reviews results of our program evaluation, [...]

Well-Being & Family: A Mindful Thread (Weave) Across the Lifespan

This Blog was originally developed for the Designed Wellness program (ACEC Life/Health Trust): Original Blog Our families, and the lifetimes that comprise them, provide a practical framework for both understanding and fostering well-being across the lifespan. This may be helpful during the holiday season, where we may interact with family or have a chance to [...]

Let’s Help the NFL (and any workplace):

Awareness, Team Resilience, and Raw Coping Power A WAKE-UP CALL? Increased awareness about domestic violence will hopefully lead to upgraded policy and education efforts in all types of work settings, sports or otherwise. But it is important to make those efforts stick! It helps to use a systematic approach known to avoid costly [...]

Competency-Based Wellness Champions

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence. --Abigail Adams In the long history of (humanity) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. --Charles Darwin Competency-based wellness champions can benefit from deliberate learning experiences that encourage improvisation and collaboration. My experience (and research) tells me that most people [...]

Spring-Summer-Fall (2014)

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Raw Coping Power, new book preview

Everyone talks about time pressure and stress and their impact at home, at work, and on health. But there is much more of a focus on the problem than the solution. About 15 years ago I spoke to a group of medical directors from Fortune 100 companies. They told me that the biggest driver of [...]