Putting Learning and Wellness Together

Authored by: David Steed (OWLS) The time has come for organizations to capitalize on the synergistic relationship between well-being and learning. Well-Being and Learning are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. At least not in their respective fields of Workplace Wellness and Learning & Development (L&D). And yet, these two aspects are both essential to [...]

Are There Robots in the Future of Wellness?

By Dr. Gale Lucas, OWLS Director of Research Protect the children because they – and robots – are the future. ~ Adam Carolla From Futurists and Science Fiction writers to Computer Scientists and Engineers (and even comedians), people predict robots will play a big role in shaping our future. Some play on our fears that [...]

Culture, Climate…Blah Blah Blah!

So we have been doing a whole lotta shakin' in our little world of research. Want to see what shook out? (click image below) So many "thought leaders" spend time make distinctions between climate and culture. Let's get to work positively influencing them.

Grit: The good. The bad. The undetermined.

On Grit and Intelligence: Perseverance is a principle that should be commendable in those who have judgment to govern it.  ~ Mark Twain We value grit - perseverance in the face of challenges - in society. We say “never quit” and applaud those who persist despite adversity. American heroes pull themselves up from their bootstraps. Research [...]

Psychological Safety Eats Culture (and Wellness) For Lunch

"Being able to share ideas and engage meaningfully with coworkers in local teams, crews, and work groups is probably the most important driver of culture, engagement, performance and also personal well-being, all of these together.  If you had to do one thing to enhance all of those areas train work groups on team awareness to [...]

Collective Efficacy: A Concept Whose Time Has Come

Corporate wellness strategies correlate with financial performance. But correlation is NOT causation. Something more powerful (collective efficacy) may be going on that accounts for BOTH wellness and financial outcomes. There has been very good press last month on three studies showing a correlation between use of wellness programs/strategies and corporate stock or financial performance (see [...]

McMindfulness & The Recovery of Spirit

There was a time when all those teaching mindfulness did so out of generosity. There was no exchange of money other than that given out of donation for respect and for the sheer beauty of the teaching.

THE Well-Being Champion Core Competency, Beyond Measure

(YOUR ASSOCIATION) NEWS ARTICLE (dated, 2059): The era of job burn-out is officially over. Back in 2020, our professional association (insert yours here) recognized the occupation "Well-being Championship" as an integral part of doing business. Since then, these individuals have role-modeled health and advocated for resilience, healthy teams, healthy leadership, and a positive health culture. As [...]

Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Workplace Prevention

Health and human resource professionals of all types wake up! The growing epidemic of workforce prescription abuse needs your help. This is not just the domain of medicine; but also all safety, prevention, employee assistance, health promotion, and medical wellness providers Health Consciousness & Prescription Drugs: Workplace Prevention Adult misuse of prescription drugs is a growing problem. Such misuse [...]

Hand in Glove: Employee Engagement Meets Resilience

  Perhaps the best way to engage workers is by appealing to their strengths -- to the inner resources and external conditions that foster resilience.   Many think that "engagement" is the new buzzword for employee productivity but it's really just old sheep in new clothing [1]. What is new -- and exciting - is [...]