Community: Heroes in Everyday Life

Community: Heroes in Everyday Life This article co-authored by OWLS staff (Brittany Linde and Gale Lucas) Heroes stand up for others in their community. When a community member has an accident or gets into any other emergency situation, a hero rises to the occasion. Heroes have to overcome many factors that stand in the way [...]

Which is more important for commitment: Safety or growth?

Which is more important for commitment: Safety or growth? By Gale Lucas  Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans. ~ Peter F. Drucker Commitment is important to achieving success. We need to be committed to our career and our relationships if we want these to be realized. Many people [...]

Do you know the 5 Cs of Resilience?

Are you resilient? Do you know the 5 Cs of resilience? Click the video below to hear Dr. Joel Bennett speak about resilience and the 5 Cs. The YouTube page gives special access to a resilience assessment! Enjoy!

Compassion: The Do’s and Dont’s of Donation

Compassion: The Do's And Don'ts of Donation This article co-authored by OWLS staff (Gale Lucas and Michael Hudson) Compassion is a cornerstone of resilience because of how it deeply connects us to others. At the same time, as with other elements of resilience (like confidence), we must be wise in our compassion. We’re often reminded [...]

Confidence: The root of success… can it also lead to failure?

By Dr. Gale Lucas, Director of Research Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable. ~ Coco Chanel Confidence is an essential part of how we succeed. In order to persevere in the face of challenges, we need confidence to overcome said challenges. Those who live by the words [...]

Centering: Mindfulness 101 and Meditation – Not just for Hippies, I promise

mindfulness = centering = self-acceptance = allowing goofy thought

The Audacity of Wholeness: Part 1 (19 Tips)

It is time to promote social wholeness with mindful dialogue. The world needs it. Be audacious. Society is waiting. This is a broad appeal to those working in the area of well-being. Yes, that includes mental health. Best solutions require fully understanding the problem. The problem is one of fragmentation, divisiveness, alienation and—because of this—ultimately, pain. Psychic pain.

Personalized Avatars for Everyone

Should everyone in your organization have their own avatar for training simulations? Organizations are increasingly using online or virtual training for various purposes,from compliance or ethics trainings to leadership training. As the technology used to provide these trainings advances, more of these training applications employ scenarios or simulated situations in which users can practice the principles that they learned. These simulations often depict the user though an avatar – an in-simulation representation of the user.

Savoring: Your “To Do” for the Day

What is on your 'savoring list' for the weekend? What do you hear when you hear the word “savoring”? Maybe you relate it to food or drinks, such as savoring a tasty morsel or a fine glass of red wine. But what else can be savored? How can you incorporate savoring into your daily lifestyle? [...]

Empowered Use, Health Consciousness and Prescription Drugs: Part 2

The prevention of prescription drug misuse among working adults is a wellness issue.   Attention All Workers! Employee-Focused Free “Lunch & Learn” Webinar (September 7) Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  ⇒  Download Flyer Here     ⇒  Register Here Progress. We continue to develop evidence-based approaches to workplace substance misuse prevention. Last [...]