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Seven Dimensions of a Healthy Climate

There is growing awareness that a healthy workplace includes a healthy social climate. One where employees and managers work together to intentionally create opportunities for healthy interaction. We believe that a healthy climate is a "nexus" point for a variety of good things to happen: Download image Productivity and financial return depends upon [...]

Evidence-Based Stress Management: Focus on Positive Outcomes

Many work organizations recognize that job stress can be a significant cost to doing business and are starting to do something about it. The research is quite clear that, without any prevention program in place, stress takes its toll on employer-relevant outcomes like

Holiday Stress? or Opportunity to Thrive?

  This holiday season has evoked some new ideas about stress and resilience that may be helpful to readers. These ideas center around transforming stress into an opportunity to thrive during the holidays. First, I had been collecting stories of people who have recovered from severe stress and found a common set of themes in [...]

Stress… the Holidays, PEACE and JOY (Dec. 12 Webinar)

Holi--Daze!? Feeling Stress, Know Someone Who Is? Register Now and get free sample exercise.

Neuroplasticity, Tribal Resilience, and the Substrata of Wellness

Been doing more reading on resilience and neuroplasticity and its seems that resilience, specifically LEARNING how to BOTH overcome and thrive from stress, is an essential part of well-being. Two things seem to be at work. First, while it is difficult to maintain a healthy habit and a positive mood state when we are faced with [...]

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