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Workplace prevention of prescription Drug Misuse: Learning from a Psycho-educational Program

RECENT RESEARCH (April, 2017) Workplace Prevention of Prescription Drug Misuse: Learning from a Psycho-educational Program Authors: Joel B. Bennett, Gale M. Lucas, Michael A. Neeper SUMMARY OF PRESENTATION This presentation at the 2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology provided detail on the structure of the intervention and results in three areas. The presentation was [...]

OWLS Programs Recognized by U.S. Surgeon General

OWLS Programs Acknowledged by Surgeon General The first ever Surgeon General’s report on “Facing Addiction in America” came out recently (November, 2016). It cited OWLS evidence-based programs, Team Awareness and Team Resilience, as the only ones that met their criteria for effectiveness for workplace prevention. The Surgeon General’s “seal of approval” delivers a powerful message, providing perhaps the ultimate [...]

Centering: Mindfulness 101 and Meditation – Not just for Hippies, I promise

mindfulness = centering = self-acceptance = allowing goofy thought

Audacity of Wholeness

Read about the Audacity of Wholeness.

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Speaking Engagement

Joel is speaking at the XYZ conference about his book, Well-Being Champion.

The Audacity of Wholeness: Part 1 (19 Tips)

It is time to promote social wholeness with mindful dialogue. The world needs it. Be audacious. Society is waiting. This is a broad appeal to those working in the area of well-being. Yes, that includes mental health. Best solutions require fully understanding the problem. The problem is one of fragmentation, divisiveness, alienation and—because of this—ultimately, pain. Psychic pain.

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